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Cannabis | The Hemp Saga

How do we solve the great hemp misconception?

Most people hold a negative stigma towards any Cannabis products and understandably so! Most of what we think we know about Cannabis is that it’s an illegal substance connected mostly with drug dealers and thugs.

It’s no wonder that even though Cannabis Hemp has returned with a BANG, people are still hesitant about it. The hesitation of the FDA to fully allow hemp users to make claims about it’s benefits, has further confused the issue. Why can’t users with positive results make those claims? Well, the FDA says not enough research has been done.  

But there’s Hope — as the industry continues to grow and more people continue to report amazing benefits, more research will be done to clarify some of the confusion. 

How and why has Cannabis hemp made such a spectacular return?

It’s return is due in part, to the many life changing stories of individuals who pushed past the stigma, and decided to give it a try even after many other methods came up short.

This hemp market is being driven by those individuals who refuse to keep the secret for themselves. Heros that aspire to inspire others to better their health through natural means.  Branding their personal results into thriving messages, and opening businesses to carry that voice far and wide. 

Here’s one such story……

The Journey of the Burneys

Growing up as a minority was tough and challenging for Arthur and Shana.  Money and good opportunities were hard to come by. But because they thought differently, they realized that a person’s mindset and ability to believe in themselves is essential to their success.   

Desire alone won’t get you there! 

Shana went on to have a thriving career in healthcare and later a real estate investor and coach while Arthur owned and operated his own barbershop.

Arthur and Shana’s first encounter was like a wild card. Unpredictable, unplanned, full of possibilities with a touch of wonder.  An introduction over Cannabis, left Arthur wanting more of this lady which had caught him off guard with her spunk and optimistic personality. 

This contagious, spirited, and positive personality of Shana drew Arthur more and more to her.  She inspired him to dream big and to implement the steps to accomplish his dreams. 

Shana, a visionary on a mission. A positive, compassionate friend, daughter, and wife looking to give, inspire, empower, not just those near but far and wide.  

Arthur, a hustler, a dedicated and committed provider. A listener with an empathetic heart, Looking to give, help, and elevate others, set him apart.

The visionary and the hustler.

The visionary and the hustler met on an ordinary day to share a mutual respect and appreciation for Cannabis. A spark of curiosity and wonder that first connected them gave way to a long lasting friendship that blossomed into a life of love and business together.

Like so many, Arthur’s barber shop was hit by 2020. By March covid had closed most of the country including his barbershop business. Sending him home to weigh out his options. During this time Arthur discovered his purpose and what would become the most fulfilling endeavor he had yet embarked on.

(10.28.21) Bleu Organics - shana and art at barbershop

During hard times, choices are extremely important.

Meanwhile, Shana’s real estate coaching thrived through the pandemic. She supported the family while Arthur prepared himself for his new venture.  On April 20th of 2021, Arthur and Shana celebrated their second year wedding anniversary and the Grand Opening of Bleu Organic.

Bleu, a family name, became the face of the Best New Hemp and CBD Wellness Company in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Cannabis has now made a full circle in our lives. We met over cannabis and now have made a business of Cannabis hemp and CBD, to share our knowledge and personal success story. To us Hemp is not just another trend, it has the power to change your habits and set you on a better footing, towards a better quality of life.   

We’ve learned that to find purpose is to find passion and when you’re passionate about the work you do, it is not work its service.

How Are We Different?

  1. We are a Husband and wife team working in our individual strengths, but together in mission and purpose. 
  2. We care about your experience, knowledge, and results. 
  3. We want your Hemp and CBD journey to start on the right foot so you can reap all the untold benefits it has to offer you. 
  4. We want to inspire you to look to nature and its natural remedies.

Our Mission

To help you find your purpose in life through better choices, habits, and lifestyle. Our greatest desire is for you to de-stress, slow down, find peace, and fulfillment in your life. 

The team at Bleu Organic dedicates all of our efforts to inspire people to live naturally. 

There is a massive disconnect as to what living naturally means. We aim to solve this through education that unravels the power of a better lifestyle. In alignment with our values, we are committed to donating 3% of sales to the Epilepsy Foundation. Along with education, we want to encourage and create closer family bonds. Creating success together is better than doing it alone!

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