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Meet the Burney’s

Since inception, our company has been founded on the pillar of challenging minorities to reach an optimal level of health. It is the desire to promote natural living that created our family owned and operated venture. Our name “Bleu” is a namesake to our earthly father. A deeply religious man, his father instilled the power of God in him. He promoted those same qualities to his wife and their three sons, while never taking a leap of faith himself. He was a troubled man that had faced countless hardships, but only let God transform his life in his later years as he began preaching and teaching the word of God. We capture that history and desire to live naturally in our CBD products. His story is imprinted on all our products as we provide an outlet for people to discover their organic self.

Arthur Burney
Chief Executive Officer

Nathaniel Burney
Chief Financial Officer

Shana Burney
Chief Operations Officer

Maurice Burney
Chief Marketing Officer

Family Founded

Our family is on a mission to educate and challenge minorities to live better healthier lives. It is our desire to introduce the benefits and resources found in Hemp, the “natural green” solution that has the potential to revolutionize the world. Because of the infancy of this industry not much information has been made public yet; so we are on a path to change that.

Bleu Organic is a company owned by a minority family founded on the life principles of our earthly father “Bleu”. Bleu was a quiet man with a deep heart. The countless hardships he faced gave him a passion for faith in God and for education for those coming behind him. His vision was to continue reaching out and empowering minority communities, one family at a time.

At Bleu Organic, we desire to cultivate a family atmosphere where honesty and transparency reflect our mission and values. We are here to make a difference in the way Hemp and CBD are viewed and understood. Through our Hemp products and CBD oil, we offer a new way of life to those looking for alternatives to health problems.

We believe that good health should be accessible to all.

As a USDA Certified Organic company, we have built partnerships with premier growers, manufacturers, and distributors of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the U.S.

Join us in our mission, because a healthy life is one step away, and it starts with Bleu Organic.

Reasons to Choose Bleu Organic


Family Founded


Premium Grade CBD


Full and Broad Spectrum


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Lab Tested


USA Grown Hemp





Vegan Friendly


Farm Bill Compliant


No Harsh Chemicals


Quality Manufacturing


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High Absorption

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