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Hemp and CBD Oil for Pets

Like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body including the Brain Organs Skin  Glands Immune Cells  Because pets assimilate CBD similarly as humans, scientific evidence indicates CBD could be…

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The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

What is Cannabis? Today we are going to discuss the main species of the Cannabis plant, the difference between Hemp and Marijuana and lastly we’ll explore the different parts of the Cannabis plant! The Cannabis plant is a miraculous plant to examine, having over 200 bioactive compounds that have been…

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How to get a good night sleep?!

The word unplug, is one that hardly needed mentioning in past centuries, has now gained so much popularity. The demand for our attention has become a hot commodity. With social media and endless screen time at our fingertips, It’s no wonder why so many feel the need to be smart…

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Homeostasis and the ECS System

Why is the ECS so important? Because its main duty is to maintain homeostasis in the body. Through the endocannabinoids and the cannabinoid receptors it is able to not only detect and identify disbalances in the body, but deploy its own endocannabinoids to specific receptors, creating a chemical response, and…

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Have you shivered from being cold, sweat from being too hot, or had sore muscles from exercising? Most of us experience these on a daily basis and never stop to think about what is happening in our bodies. These common reactions are our body’s way of maintaining a healthy balance,…

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