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How to get a good night sleep?!
Home » Blog » How to get a good night sleep?!

The word unplug, is one that hardly needed mentioning in past centuries, has now gained so much popularity. The demand for our attention has become a hot commodity. With social media and endless screen time at our fingertips, It’s no wonder why so many feel the need to be smart about unplugging and recharging.

Owning multiple devices including a cell phone and a computer has become essential in our lives, especially in the business world, and with it has come a whole host of negative effects. Which have only multiplied when you add in all the other electronics we get for entertainment, like the flat screen, tablet, iPad, kindle, and a whole list of other devices.

Want to fit more in your day effectively and effortlessly without the need to cram?

Having a well thought out routine in place should be a priority. This is best done by setting time blocks around screen time. This has not only been shown to have a positive effect on your physical, social and behavioral well-being, but also allows for better management of your time. Well managed time means more can fit into your day. This in turn cuts down on stress, burn outs, and the negative effects on your health.

Sleep is essential to our health and although most of us don’t get close to the recommended 7-9 hours, having enough sleep should be the number one priority.  Screen time at night has shown to severely interfere with the body’s natural ability to rest uninterrupted. The artificial light from screens reduces melatonin levels, (the sleep hormone the body produces in response to darkness) and makes us not sleep as well. Meaning, we don’t really get the rest we need because the timing in our rhythm (24- hour internal clock) has been thrown off balance.

Here are a few tips to help you unplug.

  • Refrain from watching TV or looking at your phone a minimum of one hour before going to bed (preferably 90 minutes)
  • Silence notifications across all devices during evening hours and time with family and friends.

    • Use that time to connect with your spouse (partner or friend) about their day.
    • Playing and reading to children at night, not only allows for winding down time, a consistent routine the children can learn expect, but also lasting bonds they will carry to adulthood.
  • When you wake up, start with a physical book or time of prayer and meditation.
    • Take a brisk walk and behold the beautiful world around you. (Exercise or a brisk walk first thing in the morning has shown to improve your energy during the day and burn calories for longer).

Whether you mindlessly scroll through social media or you have fulfilling screen activities we all need to unplug from the hum of the digital space and exist in the real world in order to reset, have good health and maintain connectedness with those around us. Being able to unplug and recharge is an essential part of our daily lives. It should be an important choice as well as a routine we exercise daily.

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